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About me:

I’m Dmitry Vorotilin – developer with knowledge of several programming languages and design patterns, open source contributor, strong team player. Most of all I love my job, by the way it gives me an ability to live happily. I’m very curious about bugs and difficulties in programming and if I find something intersting I don’t give up until I fix it. You can see my commits in such projects like Rails, Poltergeist, Quiet Assets, Pjax Rails, Mogrify, Ruby, MiniTest and so on. Besides job I like having fun with friends, cycling around the city, skating, playing football, doing sport and meeting new people. Go get in touch with me:


  • Ruby/Go/Elixir/Erlang
  • Rails/Rack/Sinatra/Phoenix
  • JavaScript/CoffeeScript/TypeScript
  • Underscore.js/Backbone.js/React/Vue.js
  • MySQL/PostgreSQL
  • Sphinx/Solr/Elasticsearch
  • Redis/Memcached/RabbitMQ
  • AWS/DigitalOcean


  •, Team lead, 2015-current time.

  •, Team lead, 2010-2015. Supporting and developing startups on Ruby/Rails.

  • Computer Plus, PHP Developer, 2008-2010. Supporting and developing company’s site using PHP, LDAP, MySQL, etc.

  • Computer Plus, System administrator, 2007-2008. Orchestrating heterogeneous network with Windows Active Directory, Terminal Services and Unix (Linux/BSD) with NATing/filtering, LDAP, SMB, Sendmail, BIND, Squid, Apache.


Voronezh State Technical University - Russia, Voronezh. Master’s degree, Electronic engineering — 4.0 GPA


DevConf 2012, Moscow. “Sprockets under the hood” Slides, Video

RailsClub 2013, Moscow. “Capybara drivers zoo or make friends with Poltergeist” Slides, Video, Photos

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