About me:

I’m Dmitry Vorotilin developer with knowledge of several programming languages, design patterns, frameworks and many other bold words that I learnt while coding since 2007. I’m very curious about design and paradigms of different programming languages. I like debugging and investigating crime scenes with distressing bugs where everyone scratches their heads. I always learn something new because there’s always something that surprises me.

You can see my commits in such projects like Rails, Ferrum, Cuprite, Vessel, Poltergeist, Quiet Assets, Pjax Rails, Mogrify, Ruby, MiniTest and so on. Besides job I like having fun with friends, cycling around the city, skating, playing football, doing sport and meeting new people.

Get in touch with me: d.vorotilin [at]


  • Ruby/Python/Go/Scala/Elixir/Erlang/Rust
  • Rails/Rack/Sinatra/Phoenix/Play
  • JavaScript/TypeScript
  • React/Vue.js
  • Html/Haml/Slim/Css/Scss
  • MySQL/PostgreSQL
  • Sphinx/Solr/Elasticsearch
  • Redis/Memcached/RabbitMQ/Kafka
  • Akka/Kafka Streams
  • AWS/DigitalOcean


  •, Team lead, 2015-current time. Search engine for used machinery.

  •, Team lead, 2010-2015. Supporting and developing a lot of startups with Ruby and Rails.

  • Computer Plus, PHP Developer, 2008-2010. Supporting and developing company’s site using PHP, LDAP, MySQL, etc.

  • Computer Plus, System administrator, 2007-2008. Orchestrating heterogeneous network with Windows Active Directory, Terminal Services and Unix (Linux/BSD) with NATing/filtering, LDAP, SMB, Sendmail, BIND, Squid, Apache.


Voronezh State Technical University - Russia, Voronezh. Master’s degree, Electronic engineering — 4.0 GPA


Paris.rb 2020, Paris. “Modern headless testing in XXII century” Slides, Video

RailsClub 2013, Moscow. “Capybara drivers zoo or make friends with Poltergeist” Slides, Video, Photos

DevConf 2012, Moscow. “Sprockets under the hood” Slides, Video