Don't buy GPON

The text below is true for Rostelekom as well as I think many other providers. There are many downsides of GPON you can read articles about it in the footer but for me it’s inability to set up my own or at least high quality router instead of the one given by provider. You as a customer will rent a router from them. The router usually goes with buggy firmware, remote access for provider and inability to set it to the bridge mode. In other words it is a useless piece of trash which you will own as you redeem it during 2 years and you cannot buy another one and replace this shit because it simply won’t work with GPON. Also Rostelekom is the biggest player in Russia and has tight realtionship with goverment so I prefer stayng as far away as possible from them and pay my money to a smaller provider to keep it on the air.